Autoinjector for Sumatriptan Succinate Injection,
6mg/0.5 mL
You may watch the video demonstration below on how to use the Sumatriptan Succinate Injection. Read the Patient Information leaflet carefully before using the sumatriptan succinate injection. Keep the Patient Information leaflet for reference because it provides a summary of important information and use instructions about sumatriptan succinate injection. Read the Patient Information leaflet that comes with each prescription refill because it may contain new information. This Patient Information leaflet does not have all the information about sumatriptan succinate injection, so please ask your healthcare provider for more information or advice.

Video Demonstartion

Figure 1 (Frontal view of autoinjector)

This leaflet explains how to use the sumatriptan succinate autoinjector. Read it TWICE before you begin the first step. If you have any questions, ask your doctor or pharmacist. For use only patients for whom a 6 mg dose has been prescribed.


Check the expiration date on the autoinjector label.
Keep the autoinjector in its box until you are ready to use it.
Keep the sumatriptan succinate injection autoinjector out of the reach of children.
Do not remove the white needle shield from the autoinjector until you are ready to inject.
NEVER put the white needle shield back into the autoinjector after injection.
NEVER put or press thumb, fingers, or hand over white needle cover.
Check the appearance of sumatriptan succinate injection, through the inspection window. It must be a clear, colorless to pale yellow solution. Do not inject the solution if it looks discolored or cloudy or contains lumps, flakes, or particles.

Wash your hands thoroughly.

Find a comfortable, well-lit place and put everything you need where you can reach it (autoinjector, alcohol or sterile swabs).

Identify the application area with an adequate fatty tissue layer on top part of the thigh or back of the arm. Do not inject into areas where the skin is tender, bruised, red, or hard. Make sure the skin under and around the prefilled autoinjector is firm and taut to provide enough resistance to fully retract the safety guard and unlock the prefilled autoinjector (See Figure 2).

Wipe the injection site with alcohol or a new sterile swab and allow your skin to dry. Do not touch this area again before giving the injection.

Take out the injector from show box.

Figure 2

Pick up the autoinjector in one hand and smoothly remove the white needle shield by pulling it straight off. Do not twist it off, and do not recap the white needle shield, as either of these may damage the needle inside the autoinjector. The autoinjector has a cover that will protect you from needle sticks or loss of drug by accidental bumping or touching (See Figure 3).

Figure 3

Without pressing the blue activation button, place the open end of the autoinjector on the injection site, straight up at a right angle (90°) and push the safety needle cover firmly against the skin to unlock. Continue to hold firmly against the skin (See Figure 4).

Figure 4

To start the injection (1) Press the Blue Button (first click will sound), (2) immediately release your thumb. This starts the injection. Do not lift the autoinjector off the skin. Wait until you hear the second 'click'. Once you hear the second click, lift the autoinjector straight up from the injection site. The injection is finished. The safety needle cover on the autoinjector will automatically extend to cover the needle. The needle will not be visible now.

If you did not remove your thumb from the blue button, the second ‘click’ cannot be heard. If this happens, slowly count to 5 before lifting the autoinjector from the injection site. The inspection window will be blue, confirming the injection is complete. Verify that the inspection window is blue to ensure that the injection is complete before lifting the autoinjector (See Figure 5).

Figure 5

The needle safety cover will move down over the needle and lock into place. There is no need to replace the white needle shield.

If the inspection window is not blue, do not try to use the autoinjector again. If you suspect you have not received the full dose, do not repeat the injection using a new autoinjector.

If you notice a spot of blood at the injection site, dab away with a cotton ball or tissues. Do not rub the injection site. If needed, you may cover the injection site with a bandage.

Figure 6

Discard sumatriptan succinate injection autoinjector after use.